Atma Healings

Atma meanas soul in Sanskrit. With that in mind, Atma Healings offers a variety of wellness modalities that offer the chance to try something new, find inner peace, discover deeper meaning and life purpose, and align with others to explore similar interests.

Come with curiosity, leave with connection.


Atma Yoga

I teach private classes to individuals and small groups upon request. To have the full attention of the instructor is very beneficial to really dive deep into the individual's yoga practice in a safe and intimate space. If you are looking to attend classes and workshops check out Yoga at Event Horizon,


Meditation has the power to bring focus, clarity, relaxation, and spiritual connection; bringing the body and mind in an overall state of well being. Learn many meditation styles and techniques through various classes available.

Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching

Spiritual counseling is a form of psychotherapy that is gracefully integrated with spirituality. As a PhD graduate and ordained minister, I hold the credentials to properly guide businesses, individuals, couples, and small groups in emotional healing and spiritual growth. Whatever challenges or obstacles life brings, I am here to serve and assist individuals in discovering empowerment and an authentic way of being on their journey to find meaning and discover their life's purpose. My approach is universal and non-denominational.

Energy & Body Work

Reiki is a form of energy work in which universal energy is transferred through hands-on healing. These techniques deal with the subtle layers surrounding the body that we carry with us throughout our day. By intuitively reading and clearing some of this ‘negative energy’ that no longer serves us, we can experience less stress and heal on many levels, ultimately leaving us feeling lighter and refreshed.

I have practiced and trained with a multitude of energy workers around the world. On my journeys I learned many forms and modalities, including reiki, that has shaped my practice today. Energy work is a great for stress reduction and refilling our energetic cup.

Fire cupping is used in combination with energy work or can be an individual service. Fire cupping is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help rid the body of excess toxins and reduces stagnation. Fire cupping encourages a healthy circulatory system by clearing not only the bloodstream, but also muscle tissue and organs of blockages and toxics.

Healing Through Ceremonial Tattooing

Atma means ‘soul’ in Sanskrit. Permanently marking the physical body in this lifetime penetrates deep into our subtle layers of consciousness. By using the ancient art of tattooing by hand, meaning, significance, and healing is brought through artistic designs that are solely created and never reproduced for each individual.



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About Dr. Samantha Scott

After 11 years in the military, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and getting certified in Law Enforcement & Corrections through the Wisconsin Police Academy, I was left with bodily injuries and spiritual drought.

I traveled across multiple countries in search of the meaning and purpose I had been longing for. It had always been natural for me to hold a counsel space for others to release, share, and vent. With this in mind, I pursued and completed a PhD program with an emphasis in Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching from The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. Still I was on my own spiritual journey and was amazed by my progress, both physically and mentally, in my yoga practice. I noticed my mind felt more clear , my body was becoming limber, I was managing the pain associated with my injuries for the first time in years, and I was feeling more connected to Spirit . This ignited a fire to learn as much about yoga as possible. I packed up my life and went to India to pursue yoga with no return date.

I received my yoga teacher certification and continued to travel, practice counseling, and teach yoga. I proceeded to expand my knowledge in different healing modalities including Reiki and other energy work practices, stone therapy, fire cupping, meditation, traditional hand poke tattooing, and Massage Therapy at East West Healing Arts Institute.

I moved to the Ashland area in 2019 with my partner and our daughter ready to plant roots, live our dreams, speak our truth, and be a part of the community. From my personal experience in healing, it has been meaningful to share this knowledge and wisdom with others, both individually and communally. I bring these practices to the city of Ashland not with the intention for a profitable business, but as a platform in which all people, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, age, or gender identity, can have a safe space to explore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.